Connecting Connections …and more is dedicated to promoting business economic growth, accomplished through Digital Advertising for the SMALLER Small Business


Brian learned from an early age the importance of making relationships. Growing up as a ‘military brat,’ he was never in one place for too long. So, he learned to make friends everywhere he went, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Virginia, and even London, England! Some of these friendships still held today.

Later in life, fueled by his passion for people, he dove into the hospitality industry – focusing on restaurant management. Drive and enthusiasm drove him into the small business world in 2016 when he and his partner, opened a marketing & technology agency.


Being Visible is the Key to Success!  I offer the below services – Let’s Connect

  • App Marketing/Advertising
  • Digital Billboard Advertising 
  • Digital Magazine Advertising
  • ORGANIC Social Media
  • Video Edit/Creation/Marketing
  • Website Marketing/Advertising


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